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About the speaker

Jo Westwood AKA The Codependency Coach is a life coach and mentor, author and creator of The Anti People Pleasing Podcast and Crush Codependency group coaching programme and is a relationship ambassador for The Female Lead. Jo has been featured on BBC3, in Psychologies magazine and has guested on countless podcasts including But Why? with Clemmie Telford, That's Helpful and Dinky.

"In my work as The Codependency Coach I bring together my personal journey of healing, recovery and self development, alongside 10 years experience coaching women and people of all genders, from all walks of life, to help my clients break free from the exhausting and destructive cycles of codependency. 

I've been codependent all my life but it took for me to marry someone who narcissistically abused me to finally figure out that I'm codependent - you might recognise it in yourself as being an extreme people pleaser, having an anxious attachment style or being someone who is addicted to dysfunctional relationships and external validation. Caring more about what other people think and feel, than you care for yourself.

I now have over 8 years of codependent recovery and I’m so thankful for every struggle I've ever had because it brought me here, to my purpose - to help other people escape from codependency, feel wildly worthy and have healthy relationships in all areas of their lives."

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