Brochure Adverts

Our brochure is A5 size. Ad sizes and prices are:

Full page -  148mm Wide x 210mm High - £1400

Half page - 130mm W x 92mm H - £700

Quarter - 63mm W x 92mm H - £350

Eighth - 63mm W x 45mm H - £175


You need to send your ad as a CMYK PDF with any images saved at 300dpi by the Copy Date.


Copy Dates for 2017 are:

Spring/Summer – 20 March

Autumn – 20 July

Winter – 20 November


Book an ad with:


You can view our current brochure here:



Brochure Mailing Inserts

We include inserts in our brochure mailing….which cost £70 per 1000 addresses. Our list is around 10,000, so the total cost would be £700 for mailing a flyer with a maximum weight of 10gms. We only accept inserts to our whole mailing list.

You need to send your inserts to our mailing house Central Mailing Services in Birmingham by the Insert Date.


Insert Dates for 2017 are:

Spring/Summer – 30 March

Autumn – 30 July

Winter – 30 November


Book an insert with:



E-Newsletter Banner Adverts

We include banner adverts on our weekly e-newsletter which is sent to 25,000 people. This costs £250 for one newsletter insertion. You need to send your banner ad as a JPEG of 800 pixels wide x 350 pixels high to

We reserve the right to decline adverts which are contrary to the ethos of Alternatives.