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Shamash Alidina
Join Shamash in The Meditation Room on Saturday 29th July
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About the speaker

Shamash has been practising mindfulness since 1998 and runs his own successful training organisation.

He is best known as the internationally bestselling author of 10 books including Mindfulness For Dummies and The Mindful Way through Stress. He frequently pops up in newspapers, magazines and on radio shows.

Based in London, he runs online trainings and speaks at conferences all over the world.

He is a keen educator and has trained almost 500 mindfulness teachers in the last 11 years. Prior to that, he spent 10 years teaching mindfulness/meditation as well as science, in schools.

Back in 2013, he pioneered online Mindfulness Teacher Training, launching his program Teach Mindfulness Online. With 10 years of experience in running online courses, he creates new courses based on his latest findings every year.

Shamash has been training practitioners in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training. This cutting-edge approach skilfully combines acceptance, flexible mindfulness, values and committed action to help people live a rich and meaningful life. An approach recommended by the World Health Organization, the UK’s National Health Service and the American Psychological Association.

Shamash co-founded the world's first Museum of Happiness in London which is now run full-time by his friend and co-founder Vicky Johnson.

He is passionate about helping people to change their habits. He has training with the world’s leading researcher and educator in behaviour change, Professor BJ Fogg and trained as a Tiny Habits Certified Coach.

Shamash has two active, online communities with live group coaching. The Daily Mindfulness Club for the general public seeking to deepen their mindfulness practice and the Teach Mindfulness Academy for Mindfulness Teachers seeking to learn and apply new mindful skills and wanting accountability and training to implement authentic marketing to reach more clients.

He has had the honour and privilege of training with the father of ‘Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction’, Jon Kabat-Zinn PhD  through the Center for Mindfulness in Massachusetts, United States. He has also trained for 3 years at the Centre of Mindfulness at Bangor University in Wales. And he's attended many retreats with his favourite monk, Ajahn Brahm.