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Jerome Braggs
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About the speaker

"Jerome Braggs is a highly-gifted Intuitive Channel, Well-being Guide, Inspirational Speaker, Writer, and Self-Love Teacher. 

In 2004, Jerome was diagnosed with AIDS and kidney failure, then given seven days to live. On his deathbed, Jerome had a Near Death Experience, in which he was told by Source that the key to true healing, and total wellbeing, is: “to wholly love yourself.” That Near Death Experience catalyzed a miraculous, multi-year, healing journey, in which he learned how to truly heal himself, and create a deeply well and delicious life, through the practice of self-love.     

Today, Jerome uses his intuitive gifts, and the healing wisdom he learned through his journey, to teach spiritual seekers around the world how to heal themselves, and expand into more delicious levels of wellbeing,  through the practice of self-love. 

Jerome believes self-love is the true path to wellbeing.  And that “when we love ourselves, all is well, and all is coming.”

He’s devoted his life’s work to helping others prove this to themselves."