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Nicky Clinch
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About the speaker

Throughout her personal journey of self-healing, Nicky began immersing herself in studying and learning about the multiple complex layers of what it truly means to be human and what it is that blocks us and forces us to depart who we authentically are.

She has trained in Macrobiotics, Oriental Medicine, Five Elements Theory, Energy Healing Alignment, and breathwork, delving deeply into the power and capabilities of the physical and energy body. She has trained (and continues to train) in Ontological Inquiry, interrogating the function and aptitude of the mind, memory, survival, and our ability to generate our reality.

She has spent time deep in the Amazon jungle working with Shamans, immersing herself in the indigenous teachings of plant medicines, rituals, and shamanic ceremony.  She has studied with teachers on spiritual awakening and the nature of consciousness, attachment, and identity.