Meditation Masterclass

Meditation Masterclass

Monday, October 7, 2019 - 19:00 to 20:30
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Learn a radical and inspiring approach to meditation from a master teacher

This evening’s talk presents a radical and inspiring person-centred approach to meditation that is relevant to both beginners and experienced practitioners.

Meditation is natural. How else could it have arisen in so many different cultures, geographies and times? Benefits are:

– To be at ease.
– To be watchful and observant.
– To be caring and compassionate.
– To feel connected to the wonder and energy of life.
– To enquire and explore meaning and consciousness.

These are natural ways of being.

William Bloom, one of the UK’s most influential and experienced meditation teachers, will describe this new approach. He will show how meditation is a normal human activity and not a special or difficult practice belonging to one particular spiritual or psychological tradition.

The presentation will explain how everyone has their own best method for becoming calm and lovingly awake, such as being in nature, movement, mantra, breath and so on. It will clarify how everyone can also choose their own preferred practices inside meditation, such as compassionate witnessing, healing, prayer, journeying and so on.

William will honour the essential jewels of all meditation traditions. He will encourage people to explore with complete freedom all the expansive dimensions of meditation. And, of course, all of this is hugely beneficial for our physical health and wellbeing.

This evening coincides with the publication of William Bloom’s Meditation Masterclass: Handbook for Teachers & Practitioners.

About the speaker, William Bloom

Well known as a leading teacher and author of modern spirituality and meditation, William’s inspiration comes from decades of training in esoteric philosophy and energy work. His approach is influenced by the traditions of Alice Bailey, Theosophy, Western Mysteries, esoteric Christianity, Sufism, Kabbalah, Rosicrucian, Masonic and Pagan teachings. At the same time he has a doctorate in political psychology from the London School of Economics and is an advocate of emotional literacy, so his metaphysics is grounded in everyday realities.


He is founder of the Spiritual Companions Trust and Fellow of the Findhorn Foundation. He has authored over twenty books including the bestselling Psychic Protection, The Power of Modern Spirituality, Working with Angels and The Sacred Magician. His background also includes a two-year retreat living off-grid in the High Atlas Mountains of southern Morocco.

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