Heartforms of the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition

Heartforms of the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition

Saturday, January 20, 2018 - 10:30 to 17:00

Jeffrey Wium shares practical mysticism, holistic knowledge and quantum principles from the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition. As a western-born lineage holder trained in multiple pathways, he speaks to the benefits of heart-based intelligence and its complementary role in balancing the predominance of the modern mind and overcoming the cycles of separation and conflict.

In the Andes and throughout the world, indigenous wisdomkeepers have been waiting for millennia, for the time when people from the North choose to find the Light in the darkness of their times. Jeffery will use this time to give us tools to navigate the transition. 

About the speaker, Jeffrey Wium

He draws on certification and life experience with Qigong, Usui-Tibetan-Sai Baba Reiki, Hawaiian lomilomi, the Avaloketesvara initiation, nondenominational ministry, psychosomatic bodywork, energy medicine, yoga, meditation, sound therapy, indigenous lifeways, healing and vision quest protocols.

Concurrently, Jeffrey’s twenty-eight years of professional experience in a wide range of photography, video, film and multimedia projects have provided him with first-hand knowledge of varying world traditions, cultural ideologies and perceptual realities.

He created Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino as a means to share a direct, unmediated experience of humanity’s ancient eco-spiritual lifeways based on the principles of unified consciousness, heart intelligence and holistic sustainability.

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