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Steven Cranston
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About the speaker

Steven Cranston aka ‘The Soul Man’ has over 25 years experience working as one of Scotland's most respected mediums. From hearing whispers by his cradle as a baby to training as a medium, Steven’s whole life has been focused on the energy of spirit and helping others to build on their connection too.

For Steven, mediumship is so much more than connecting with spirit, the responsibility that carries with such a special role is demonstrated through Steven’s teaching and personal experiences, and he passes on his insight, knowledge, and perspective on a new way to be a medium. Focusing on the importance and accountability of a medium’s role, Steven discusses how evidential mediumship is paramount to the care and respect of anyone who has a mediumship reading.

Steven is founder and owner of his spiritual business, just outside Edinburgh, where The Soul Man Academy and The Soul Man Scotland shop are based. People can receive training in mediumship and also responsible tea leaf, tarot, and mediumship readings. Steven has featured in The Sun newspaper, podcasts, events throughout the UK, and is currently writing his second book.

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