Why Am I So Tired?

Why Am I So Tired?

Sunday, May 7, 2017 - 10:30 to 17:00
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Dr Libby, the nutritional biochemist, speaker and author, on how to recover your energy and vitality...

What would you do if only you had the energy?

How would an increase in your energy change the way you approach your day, your life and those you love?

Join Dr Libby for her Why Are You So Tired? workshop and learn all about your energy; where it comes from, what depletes it and most importantly how to reignite it.

Topics covered include:

Strategies to bring more energy into your life.

  • How energy is made and used in the body;
  • The stages of stress and how these impact your energy levels;
  • The role of stimulants such as sugar and caffeine when it comes to energy;
  • Your digestive system, including food and nutrients that affect your energy;
  • The thyroid and the important role it plays in regulating your energy;
  • The close relationship between your energy levels and your emotional health;
  • Energy disorders - including adrenal fatigue; how to prevent them, signs and symptoms and ways to help you recover;
  • Why you might feel like your brain has too many tabs open;
  • The relationship between sex hormones, stress hormones and energy;

Libby will explore many the aspects of great energy and explain why energy is the true heath currency. She’ll cover a broad range of topics including brain chemicals, thyroid function, teenager fatigue, daily choices, and what to do about the battery-flattening impact of having too many tabs open in your brain.

For too long, people have considered weight as a marker for health but Dr Libby aims to start a new conversation that fosters outstanding health and energy.

Your body gives you feedback every day and Dr Libby helps you decipher the messages; because let’s face it; everything is more difficult when you are exhausted.

Using her unique three-pillar approach, Dr Libby will address the biochemical, the nutritional and the emotional aspects of having great energy – and how to live your life with more of it!

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