Vulnerability and Power in the Shaman’s World

Vulnerability and Power in the Shaman’s World

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 -
19:00 to 21:30
Alternatives says: 
An Evening with Ya’Acov Darling Khan and Friends to celebrate the launch of his new book: Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart – The Extraordinary Adventures of an Everyday Shaman

This magical evening will include a reading from Ya’Acov’s new book, a short talk on the theme of Power and Vulnerability in the Shaman’s World and a live music led shamanic journey with Ya’Acov & Susannah Darling Khan and friends. The evening will end with a book signing. 

We are living in times when the earth is crying out for empowered human beings connected to their hearts to stand up for life. It takes a huge investment to ‘grow’ a mature human being - someone who is living in the everyday recognition of what they have been given and what they are being given by life; a human being who is overflowing with gratitude and joyfully inhabits the living prayer of reciprocity, giving back to life with everything they’ve got. Unfortunately, many people in the alternative world have made power the enemy. ‘Power corrupts’ they say, embracing powerlessness and pointing the finger of blame and judgement at those who use power for good or for ill.

In the shaman’s world, a conscious and crafted blend of power and vulnerability is necessary for the initiatory journey in which the shaman discovers how to responsibly use their medicine. In order to make any positive impact in this world, it is our task to purify our relationship to power and vulnerability so that we can know deep in our hearts what our power is for. In this inspiring and challenging talk, Ya’Acov will talk about power and vulnerability as the twin keys for taking our place as empowered, creative and conscious human beings whose intention is to make as much positive impact in the world as we possibly can.

The talk will be followed by an embodied shamanic journey with live music led by Ya’Acov

About the speaker, Ya'Acov Darling Khan

Ya'Acov has been studying and practicing shamanism all his life. When he was 21, he was hit by lightening and resolved to learn to use the shamanic gifts he had experienced as a child.

He has been recognised as a practicing shaman (*) by Elder Shamans from the Sami (European tradition), and Achuar and Sápara peoples of the Amazon.

His workshops are inspiring, empowering, contemporary and practical and are attended by people from all walks of life.

He and his wife Susannah are the creators of Movement Medicine, a contemporary and dynamic practice designed to support people from all walks of life to be who they are and give what they’ve got.

They are the Founders of The School of Movement Medicine that offers a full curriculum of study worldwide including Apprenticeship and Professional Training. He is the Co-Author of Movement Medicine - How to Dance, Awaken and Live your Dreams, (Hay House) and he and his wife have created numerous CDs.

(*) ‘Shaman’ means traditional healer. It is a much over-used and maligned word and I use it with caution. It is not something that one can call oneself. It is a vocation and a student is traditionally given this ‘job title’ by their elders and teachers at a certain point in their journey. As with any vocation, one initiation is just the preparation for the next.