The Temple of the Avalon Priestess

The Temple of the Avalon Priestess

Saturday, November 27, 2021 - 10:00 to 13:00
Alternatives says: 
In this 3-hour online workshop you’ll enter an immersive sanctuary and be introduced to the Avalon Priestess as a spiritual guide.

The Avalon Priestess is one of nine spiritually gifted women from the Isle of Avalon, a place steeped in the legends of King Arthur, Morgan Le Fay and Merlin. Avalon is a sacred feminine gateway to the unknown and the mystery. The priestess vibrates with the songs of the oracles, the seers, the visionaries and the prophetesses. Her presence brings the awakening of intuition, meditation and deep listening. Entering the Temple of the Avalon Priestess offers sanctuary so you can get in touch with your inner guidance.

In this 3-hour online workshop you’ll enter an immersive sanctuary and be introduced to the Avalon Priestess as a spiritual guide. Through channelled meditations and Soul activation journeys, you’ll be offered deep healing from the feminine soul of Avalon.


Sophie will create safe, sacred space to invoke a clear energetic connection with the Avalon Priestess, so you can:

  • Awaken powers of intuition and psychic awareness
  • Experience the gift of stillness and silence
  • Activate the archetype of the Priestess (mystic feminine, Third Eye chakra, divine channel)
  • Feel safer to express intuitive and energy healing skills
  • Receive guidance on your next life path steps


You’ll leave this workshop feeling calm, inspired and reconnected to your inner compass. Many people who’re drawn to working with Avalon energy have had meaningful past-life soul experiences there. Take a breath and listen: is the Avalon Priestess is calling you?


N.B. The Priestess archetype is relevant for men, women or any other gender identification as it works with intuitive feminine energies which are present within all of us.


About the speaker, Sophie Bashford

Sophie Bashford is a leading intuitive channel and writer for the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine.  Her bestselling first book, ‘You Are a Goddess: Working with the Sacred Feminine to Awaken, Heal & Transform’  is the culmination of many years experience of self-healing and re-connecting to the goddess within. 

Valued as a gifted teacher and speaker, Sophie has a long-standing, international private client base, attracts people from all over the world to her Healing Tent Retreats, and has led sell-out workshops for Alternatives and Mind Body Spirit Festival in London.  She has also presented for the renowned Hay House UK events ‘I Can Do It!’ and ‘Ignite’.


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