The Surprising Gifts in Your Clutter

The Surprising Gifts in Your Clutter

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - 19:00 to 20:30
Personal Growth
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Are you ready to fall in love with your clutter?

There is so much juicy information hidden in those piles and stacks that can help you learn a lot about why you struggle with procrastination, self sabotage, or a lack of focus. 

When you uncover the secrets in your stuff, your clutter becomes a powerful, transformative tool that you can use to make massive progress on your hopes and dreams.

Join Kerri Richardson, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, for this eye-opening, fun, interactive workshop to learn how you can discover the message in your mess and use it to shatter blocks you've been up against for a long time.

Kerri will also give offer her signature Clutter Readings and share steps you can take immediately to expand your life.


During this workshop you will:

Completely reframe your mindset about clutter and learn how to make it a no-shame game,

Discover types of clutter you have never considered before as well as the most effective ways to clear them out, and

Learn about the three core causes of all kinds of clutter and how to figure out which one(s) are going on for you,

When you realize the opportunities clutter offers, you'll never think of it the same way again. 

About the speaker, Kerri Richardson

Kerri Richardson is a lifestyle designer, trained coach, and The Wall Street Journal bestselling author of What Your Clutter Is Trying to Tell You and her latest book From Clutter to Clarity. Over the past 16 years, Kerri has helped thousands of people learn how to use their blocks and obstacles as stepping stones for living their best lives.

Through her groundbreaking clutter readings, Kerri has the unique ability to home in on the real reason why you struggle to let go of physical and emotional clutter so you can use this knowledge to heal areas of your life you've likely struggled with for a long time. Kerri offers online courses, hosts an international online membership community called Clutter Clear Your Life, and works with a small roster of private clients who are tired of playing small and eager to live BIG.

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