Steve Nobel - Spiritual Transitions

Steve Nobel - Spiritual Transitions

Sunday, October 4, 2015 - 10:30
Alternatives says: 
You may have noticed that we have entered a period of volatile energetic change.

The world is changing and evolving. Humanity is getting a consciousness upgrade. This process is not easy but it is necessary.

We are in a period of energetic upheaval. Some people call this Wave X but really this is just the beginning of a series of powerful waves. Many of our old systems and ways of doing things are being challenged. Our old 3D Matrix is wobbling badly. New energies and frequencies are impacting the planet. This can be a time of confusion, chaos, rapid change and transition.  This workshop will help you: 

  •  Understand your own unique process of transition, ascension and spiritual awakeningL
  •  Learn to surf times of uncertainty, confusion, chaos and challenge
  •  Stabilise in the new frequencies, awaken to your multidimensional nature, release old  karmic ties to the outgoing 3D timeline and matrix
  •  Uplift the energies in every area of your life, upgrade your connection to your guides and  12D Higher Self
  •  Activate/align you with a higher potential of love, connection, purpose and flow. 


Steve Nobel is an author, book mentor, coach, and founder of Conscious Media. He was a director of Alternatives for 13 years (Jan 2000 - Dec 2012) 

About the speaker, Steve Nobel

I am an author, book mentor and coach. I was the director of Alternatives for 13 years. After leaving at the end of 2012, I created a platform called Conscious Media (where I interview spiritual authors, healers and teachers). After that I founded a healing system called Soul Matrix Healing which is a blend of different healing systems. This system helps to clear multidimensional blocks and opens up the channel for more of your soul potential to flow through into this existence. I regularly give talks and run workshops and retreats.

Testamonials from Steve's previous workshops:

Writing workshop participant "One of the most rewarding workshops I have ever attended! Steve, your content and delivery really is a star! Tipping hat with gratitude." - India

Writing workshop participant- "What a brilliant day... Thank you Steve for sparking our creativity and also giving practical advice to help us on our journeys... Really loved the small group exercises and the structure planning... Look forward to another workshop with you soon! :) thanks to everyone else in the group too.... Good luck with your best sellers! Xxx" - Fiona

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