Soul Transformation Therapy

Soul Transformation Therapy

Saturday, March 11, 2017 - 10:30 to 17:00
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Emotional Energy Release and Soul Retrieval

Soul Transformation Therapy  is a new and complete therapy system. Already popular with coaches, doctors and therapists in Japan it is now being introduced to the UK.

Created by Hay House Soul Plan author Blue Marsden, this healing method uses Tarot style ' Polarity' cards to determine your deeper current 'core issue' - this is the root cause of whatever challenge or block to potential we currently experience. Once the 'core issue' and story behind your block has been determined there are several key healing interventions to clear the (separation) pattern.

In this workshop we will introduce at least two of these healing interventions for participants to experience and thereby receive a healing for themselves. Come and experience Soul Trauma release (a totally unique and gentle yet powerful energy psychology technique for releasing stuck emotion) and also the Soul Transformation Therapy 'tree of life Soul Retrieval' method (very effective for people where we feel 'less of ourselves' or a part of us is missing which can block progress as we get older).

Blue has used his therapeutic experience and soul connection to put together this system that neatly condenses the key aspects of many of the new and old therapies available today into one neat, elegant and effective package for modern therapists or self healing. During his workshops Blue typically also includes Soul Plan Chi Kung - this is a very simple and easy to remember energetic practise for aligning our intent, purpose and essential light which when balanced helps us to move forward with our purpose in life.

About the speaker, Blue Marsden

Blue Marsden is the Hay House author of Soul Plan: Reconnect with your True Life Purpose which has been an Amazon No 1 in Spirituality and has recently been translated and published in German and Japanese. He is also a teacher of contemporary counselling and spirituality and founder of Holistic Healing College where he has pioneered a modern counselling training that integrates the latest healing techniques.  

During the 1990s Blue created innovative methods using NLP, hypnotherapy, chi kung and sound healing to enhance creativity for writers and performers and also an Anger Management programme acquired by many schools nationally. 

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