Soul Light Ignition - Transmission Evening

Soul Light Ignition - Transmission Evening

Thursday, June 29, 2017 - 19:00 to 21:00
Alternatives says: 
Steve Nobel is an author, book mentor, coach and the creator of Soul Matrix Healing and Star Shamanism. He was a director of Alternatives for 13 years

 We are certainly living in interesting times. Our world seems to becoming more volatile by the day. Yet many spiritual channels and teachers tell us our world is changing steadily from one dominated by a collective consciousness of fear, separation and scarcity to one increasingly moved by love and unity consciousness. It is in this spirit this transformational evening is being offered.  

In this time of transition much ancient ‘dark’ karma is being released and cleared.

At this time we have the opportunity to dissolve old programs, imprints, psychic contracts, vows and lower astral energies in the unconscious/energy fields that potentially block our soul light and soul path. 

This is an evening of two soul transmissions – both are deep meditations invoking angelic protection and light grids from the earth and Central Sun. The first invoke the law of grace to dissolve karma and soul blocks.

The second invites more soul light into your energy fields to help you align with your soul essence and soul path. This will activate a deeper connection to your inner light and guidance that in turn will activate a greater degree of your inner potential.     


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