SOLD OUT The Light within a Human Heart – a 4-day retreat in Glastonbury

SOLD OUT The Light within a Human Heart – a 4-day retreat in Glastonbury

Thursday, August 22, 2019 - 14:15 to Sunday, August 25, 2019 - 16:30
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Being held in the magical and ancient town of Glastonbury

Message from Lars Muhl:  

This retreat is based on everything that I have worked with throughout the years, breathing therapy, prayer, rituals, meditation, intuition, healing, chanting, vocal sound healing, energy work and Chariot of Fire practice, with the psychology of the Aramaic language as a resonance bond.


The Light within a Human Heart Within retreat has the mystery tradition of The Essenes and the Therapists of Alexandria as a role model. These mystery traditions educated the first deacons, that we know of, long before the term deacon was known. The Essenes called themselves Children of the Light, while the Therapists were called the The Ones Dressed in White.


’The Kingdom of Heaven (Malkoota d’Shmeya) is within you, and everywhere around you', says Yeshua in The Gospel of Luke and in The Gospel of Thomas. This is the completely fundamental and most important point of departure of the workshop that we are able to connect ourselves to The Kingdom of Heaven within. That we through this Kingdom of Heaven understands who we truly are, where we come from, what we are doing here and where we are going. This knowledge has to be completely integrated in each of us. This is the prerequisite for everything that we are going to work with on the workshop. Therefore, this will be the first and continuous practice throughout the whole course.


'If you follow my example, you will be able to perform even greater wonders than I', says Yeshua in  The Gospel of Matthew. This statement is the starting point of the workshop.  We wish to make a reality of Yeshua's words and actions through our own experiences and deeds. That is, in our relations with other people, everywhere we go, and in our healing and energy work.


The retreat is being held in the magical and ancient town of Glastonbury, which is often referred to as the Heart Chakra of the planet.


During the retreat Lars will take us to the Tor for a group ritual and chanting, using the water and the land for healing. We will also take you for a cleansing journey at the Red Springs.  There will be time for personal reflection, and to explore the wonderful landscape of Glastonbury. 

All accomodation, breakfast, lunch, transfers and teachings are included in the accomodation packages. Tuition only package available. Payment plans available.  See below for details. 

Accommodation 1:
Hunters Moon - SOLD OUT!
Accommodation 2:
Enchantment House - SOLD OUT!
Accommodation 3:
Blake House - SOLD OUT!


Accomodation 4:
Premier Inn
For a more affordable option we can recommend the Premier Inn.  Staying here has the advantage of being within walking distance of the venue and has a convenient breakfast lounge on site. 
Click here to book directly with Premier Inn.  Check in date 22nd Aug. Check out date 25th Aug.  For this option you would choose a Tuition only package for the course.  Please see below. 


Package 5:
Tuition only
If you would prefer to arrange your own accommodation then you can book the tuition only option.  The option will still include Lunch and tea/coffee/snacks during the day and transfers to and from Castle Cary or Bristol airport.  Internal transfers from your accommodation not included.
£580.  Deposit only £200. 

Payment plan 

£200 deposit and then £95 per month between April and July.  


We will collect the group from Castle Cary Station at 14:15 on the 22nd August.  If you wish to join the transfer then please select the train that comes into Castle Cary at 14:13 or before.  You can book your journey at the Trainline here.  We will transfer the group back to the station at on Sunday 25th August for 17:15 so please ensure that you train leaves after that time in order to join the transfer back. 


For directions by road, coach or air ( to Bristol airport or London airports) please email us at


If you have any queries then please call us in the office on 0207 287 6711 or email us at



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