SOLD OUT! The Gathering - 26th February

SOLD OUT! The Gathering - 26th February

Sunday, February 26, 2017 - 10:30 to 17:00

In ‘The Gathering’ we will  create a circle of like minded women within the sanctity of a sacred space to share, be nourished, release and cocreate. We share the common denominator of womenhood, here we will create a supportive community where we can have a respite from the dynamic of the everyday world.

Joining us this month:

Yasmin Boland is a Hay House author and well known Moon expert.  Yasmin descibes Moonology as a way of decoding the mood, the prevailing emotions, the opportunities arising and the astrological weather overall. Yasmin will be joining us on New Moon.

Plan, predict and create your life:

Every New Moon is a powerful time to get very clear on your intentions and to do some manifesting. This month though, brings a New Moon eclipse, which makes it super powerful and even more worth tapping into. 

In this session, astrologer, moonolger and best-selling Hay House author Yasmin Boland will teach you how to tune into the New Moon eclipse, to set your intentions, make wishes. You will also learn how to work out how this and every other monthly New Moon is affecting and boosting your chart. 

There will also be time set aside to do a New Moon manifestation ceremony.

You don't need to know any astrology at all to enjoy this workshop. However if you don't already know your chart, please click here to print out and bring it with you. Yasmin will help you to understand it! 

Liz Brown has trained in yoga, Reiki, a form of bodywork called Zero Balancing, and TRE (tension and trauma releasing exercises). But her continuing study and practice of shamanism is the main focus of her work and her personal practice. She follows a tradition from the Q'ero of Peru, and is part of the teaching team at Spirit of the Inca. She will be joining us for a shamanic ritual and an introduction to the Medicine Wheel. 

Jane Bailey Bain is an author, speaker and creative coach. She was born in the United States and grew up in Geneva. She studied Psychology at Oxford University and Anthropology at the LSE. In London, Jane has set up a series of courses on Mythology, Story Structure and Creative Writing. Her books include ‘LifeWorks:’ and ‘StoryWorks’  She will be joining us for creative storytelling.

We will limit the places to 25 gatherers

Come together for an experiential day with three embodied female teachers.  Let's deep dive together... and have some fun!

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