Shedding Light on Intergenerational and Collective Trauma

Shedding Light on Intergenerational and Collective Trauma

Monday, October 15, 2018 - 19:00 to 20:30
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During this evening Nicholas Janni will introduce the ground-breaking work of The Pocket Project

The Pocket Project is bringing an inspiring and vital new understanding of the nature and the hidden effects of intergenerational and collective trauma in our cultures.

Through the marriage of timeless mystical wisdom, psychotherapeutic/somatic practice, and the latest neuroscience, the project is also birthing a powerful methodology that is enabling large group integration and healing processes. We have been working with topics such as colonialism, the holocaust, sexual violence, feminine and masculine dynamics and spiritual abuse.

During the evening Nicholas will speak about the new understanding and the practices that this project is developing, and why it is more important than ever that we include yet extend beyond the framework of individual therapy and development.

About the speaker, Nicholas Janni

Over the last 15 years Nicholas has gained an international reputation for his transformational coaching and leadership development seminars.
He bridges the worlds of creative, personal, spiritual and professional development in a uniquely powerful, relevant and accessible way and works with CEO’s and senior leadership teams worldwide.

In his first career, Nicholas was a theatre director. He taught acting at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and directed his own theatre company.  

He has spent 30 years researching the theory and the practice of ‘the zone’ of peak performance, and studying multiple mind/body disciplines.

in 2001 he left the theatre to co-found the arts-based leadership development consultancy Olivier Mythodrama. In 2013 he founded his own consultancy, CORE PRESENCE. He was an Associate Fellow at the University of Oxford Said Business School 2010–15, and currently teaches regularly at the IMD in Lausanne.

He is based partly in Israel, where he works with numerous corporate clients and Israeli and Palestinian NGO’s. He is a co-founding member and part of the core team of The Pocket Project.

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