The Sacred Landscape of Avebury Day Trip

The Sacred Landscape of Avebury Day Trip

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 08:00
Alternatives says: 
Join us for our Annual Coach trip to Avebury with Francine Blake


For the Alternatives visit to Wiltshire the day will start at Avebury with Francine’s résumé of the crop circle phenomenon illustrated throughout with original archival material that will show the scientific evidence of the effects of crop circles on plants and soil; explore some of the meanings contained in the geometric designs and show a selection of some of the most amazing designs to have graced our fields during the last three decades. Depending on the availability of Crop Circles, Francine will take you on an exclusive visit to experience and appreciate this extraordinary phenomenon first-hand. The trip will also include a tour of Avebury Henge, a visit to ancient Silbury Hill, at 130 feet high the largest man-made mound in Europe, and to the famous megalithic West Kennet Long-Barrow.

About the speaker, Francine Blake

Francine Blake joined the London Branch of the CCCS (Centre for Crop Circles Study) in 1990, and established the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group in 1995.
The Group has been extremely active for example collecting and sending specimens of soil and plants from the designs to laboratories in the UK and the US for analyses, showing a much higher level of nitrogen than outside the formations. The plants are not damaged, demonstrating the extreme brevity of this phenomenon with that at Knapp Hill on 7 July 2007 ( 7-7-7) appearing within four milliseconds, the minimum the eye can see, yet measuring  1,030 feet by 450 feet.
Francine has spoken on crop circles in many countries, including the UK, France, Belgium, Switzerland, South Africa, Brazil, India, Canada and North America.

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