Red Tent Activation - WORKSHOP and CERTIFICATION

Red Tent Activation - WORKSHOP and CERTIFICATION

Friday, July 15, 2016 - 10:00
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Red Tent Activation - The Initiation into Womanhood you never had... WORKSHOP and CERTIFICATION with DeAnna L'am

Day 1 – Friday, 15 July, 10am-5.30pm
SELF CARE: Your own Personal Red Tent...

“How might your life have been different if there had been a place for you to be,
a place of women, where you were nurtured as you sought to become yourself?”
~ Judith Duerk

Are you a woman who constantly gives? Are you at odds with your
monthly rhythm? Are you exhausted, moody, or in pain every cycle?

• Learn Self Care practices
• Allow yourself to Receive
• Cultivate your Intuition
• Learn how to create Sacred Space
• Tune into your Body’s Rhythms
• Befriend the 4 Elements & Harness their Magic
• Create your own Red Tent to nourish yourself monthly


Day 2 - Saturday, 16 July, 10am-5pm

INITIATION: the ceremony you never had...

Discover the most invisible frontier in Women's Personal Growth and
Spirituality today: inside every woman lives the Maiden she once was,
interrupted mid-bloom by not being welcomed into womanhood. Initiating her will
allow you to integrate her lost qualities into the adult woman you became, and
find the last missing pieces of your womanhood's jigsaw puzzle!
Were you witnessed, honored, or celebrated when you Came of Age?
If not, come to FEED YOUR SOUL. It's never too late...

• Connect with your Female Ancestors
• Soothe the Maiden within you
• Celebrate & Be Celebrated as a Woman
• Awaken ancient Cellular Memories
• Receive an Initiation into womanhood regardless of your age
• Re-connect with past traditions of Honoring Womanhood
• Reclaim Menstruation as a Spiritual Practice


Day 3 - Sunday, 17 July, 10am-5pm 

CERTIFICATION: Become A Red Tent Activator!

Don't stop after your Initiation, help other women find the solace you have.
Get certified to hold Red Tent Activations!

Take the Next Step:
• Receive Practical Tools & Skills
• Learn how to hold Red Tents Collaboratively
• Get Certified, and become part of a Global Movement
• Renew Red Tent Traditions
• Empower your daughter or Today’s Girls
• Join the Red Tent Revolution!
When you are celebrated as a Woman -
You become a model for Future Generations


This is a Women-Only workshop - Days 1 & 2 can be taken separately

Day 3 - Certification - is open ONLY to those who  completed Both days 1 & 2

Those who attend all 3 days become Certified Red Tent Activators, and are Licensed to professionally offer to others the Initiation they received

Cost Per Day:
£75 (£55 full time students/seniors over 60's/job seekers/disability allowance) for each Workshop Day

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