The Non-Duality of Relationships

The Non-Duality of Relationships

Saturday, April 6, 2019 - 10:30 to 17:00
Personal Growth
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Learn the non-dual way of relationships with a renowned Vedanta teacher

Life is a relationship with one’s self and others. Relationships only work when they are based on love. In dualistic relationships each person relates as a unique individual and is usually unaware of the non-dual factor. They are consequently subject to conflict and unhappiness.

A non-dual relationship, which is rare but entirely possible, takes differences into account but is not disturbed by them because it is based on the knowledge that, appearances to the contrary notwithstanding, we share a common identity, the nature of which is unconditional love. Consequently, these relationships are free of conflict and full of happiness. In this workshop, James will unfold the ancient science of non-duality as it applies to our emotional selves.

About the speaker, James Swartz

James Swartz is a teacher of Vedanta and author of several books including 'How to Attain Enlightenment' and 'Mystic by Default'. At the age of 26 and living in Hawaii, his life was in a downward spiral. One day in the Post Office in Waikiki he had a life changing epiphany that put him on the path to freedom. He became a disciple of Swami Chinmayananda, one of the greatest Vedanta masters of the last century.

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