Naked Voice, Naked Awareness

Naked Voice, Naked Awareness

Saturday, October 21, 2017 - 10:30 to 17:00
Personal Growth
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Develop your unique voice with pioneering teacher Chloe Goodchild

Through the pioneering core vocal practices of The Naked Voice, developed by Chloe Goodchild, you will learn to express your truth and discover the voice of your soul. Through this approach, you will experience your unique sound, with non-judgmental listening, and access a wisdom inside that is older and deeper than the duality and polarity of all conflict. This method strengthens self-confidence, self-remembrance, and self-mastery and offers a tool kit of resources for deep listening and contemplative, creative, and compassionate communication.

In this workshop, you will develop three realms of communication:

Sound Awareness Skills: Embody Your Voice 
Learn to build a confident empowering relationship with your voice as the mouthpiece of your soul, rather than the victim of your ego. Energy movement and deep listening skills will empower you to receive, to accept, and to embody your true voice. Enjoy the transformation of self-consciousness into sound consciousness.

Sound Intelligence Skills: Express Your Feelings 
Discover your whole body-mind as a field of consciousness in which your voice is vibrational medicine. Transform your negative emotions into deeper states of positive human feeling. Discover how your voice can integrate your highest aspirations with your grounded purpose on Earth. Express the full spectrum of human feeling, accessed through the Seven Sounds of Love.

Self-Mastery Skills: Embrace Your Life 
Enjoy the impact that your silent, spoken, and sung voice can have in transforming your life, personally and globally. Open the higher octave of your self as you open the three centers of consciousness to awaken your higher consciousness through your instinctual voice, your intuitive heart, and your insightful mind. Discover authentic leadership with your naked voice, naked awareness.

About the speaker, Chloe Goodchild

Chloe Goodchild is an international singer, pioneering voice teacher, and founder of The Naked Voice. She is passionate about exploring and sharing the unique power and sound of the human voice as a conduit and catalyst for personal and global transformation.

She founded The Naked Voice in 1990 following a no-mind transformation in India. Since then she has co- created a worldwide community of Voice and Sound practitioners and NVoice facilitators, dedicated to the healing art and transformational impact of sound and voice in everyday life.

Over the last 30 years she has sung for and collaborated with remarkable change-makers and luminaries, such as HH Dalai Lama, Coleman Barks (CD and tours) Ram Dass, Harilal Poonjaji(Papaji), Eve Ensler, Gabrielle Roth, Andrew Harvey, Robert Bly, Jacob Needleman, Dr Scilla Elworthy, Don Campbell, Alex Doman(Advanced Brain Technologies/The Listening Program), Vera Brandes(Sanoson), alongside a range of world musicians, including film composer Angelo Badalamenti(Twin Peaks), BBC TV Discovery Channel, and Radio media.

She is the author of The Naked Voice – Transform your Life through the Power of Sound and is a Sounds True author of “Awakening through Sound”(5CDs + DVD) which won the USA Sonic Ear Award for Excellence. She has made a range of solo albums, and performed in Madison Square Gardens in New York and The Royal Opera House and The Royal Albert Hall in London.

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