Midsummer Sacred Chant

Midsummer Sacred Chant

Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 10:00 to 17:00
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Join us for a beautiful day of devotion, celebration and joy

We welcome you to a midsummer journey into the heart of devotion with sacred chants, love songs and ecstatic voice. The day is led by four renowned singers and will include performance, participation and kirtan.

Through our voices, we are able to find our way back to the core of our being. The ancient chants contain powerful renewing and transformative energy that helps us reconnect with the divinity that lives within us all.

Come and join us for a day of celebration, joy and connection.

About the speaker, Chloe Goodchild – Nikki Slade – Illumina – Sudha

Chloe Goodchild founded The Naked Voice in 1990 following an awakening experience in India. She is one of the foremost teachers of voice in the UK and teaches and performs internationally.

Nikki Slade is a leading pioneer in the field of chanting, core voice and sound work in the UK and has inspired thousands of people to chant.

Illumina are Lila and Anaam, two divinely inspired musicians who hold a space of healing and celebration using sacred sound, chant and mantra to re-connect directly to the still, silent presence of our divinity.

Sudha was inspired by the Indian mystic Osho to use music as a form of meditation and has performed worldwide since 2002.

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