Jeff Foster - Discovering The Divine Perfection Even In Your Imperfections!

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Jeff Foster - Discovering The Divine Perfection Even In Your Imperfections!

Monday, January 11, 2016 - 19:00
Personal Growth
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BUSTING THE MYTH OF SELF-IMPROVEMENT: Discovering The Divine Perfection Even In Your Imperfections!

What happens when we stop trying to change, fix or even heal ourselves, and radically embrace ourselves exactly as we are today - flaws, fears, doubts and all? In this heartfelt talk, Jeff Foster will share the secrets of his own journey from suicidal depression and self-hatred to spiritual awakening.

He will help us re-frame our path of healing, explaining why enlightenment is a present reality, not a future destination, and our fears, our pains, even our sorrows, are precious parts of us longing to be loved and embraced, not deleted.

He will guide us in his own down-to-earth, compassionate and humorous way back to the home we never left – the present moment, the source of all creativity, healing, and lasting peace.

About the speaker, Jeff Foster

He speaks about the journey of healing and spiritual awakening in an unassuming and practical way, breathing new life into ancient non-dual spiritual teachings.

Jeff is the author of  four books in over six languages. His latest book The Deepest Acceptance was published in 2012 by Sounds True.

Regret is REWIND, the longing to change the past. Fear is FAST FORWARD, the desire to control the future. Peace is PLAY, a thrilling free-fall into the aliveness of Now…”

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