Introducing The Mary Path with Anaiya Sophia

Introducing The Mary Path with Anaiya Sophia

Saturday, March 24, 2018 - 10:30 to 16:00
Join author and mystic Anaiya Sophia, as shares her wisdom on the the "Mary's".

On this day we shall delve into the tantric mysteries of the Magdalene, the true meaning of the 'Virgin' Mary, and the Fierce teachings of the Black Madonna. 

The feminine mysteries contained within the Christ teachings have often been over-looked, denied, hidden and/or watered down. There is an entire archive of wisdom, mostly kept alive as an oral tradition. The majority of these works have never been written down. 

This workshop will include some movement, breath work, prayer, sharing and revelatory gnosis. 

Anaiya is renowned for her ability to transmit the Mary Teaching's in a way that brings them to life. Those of you who carry Mary energy will be very came you came. There is a quality of transmission in her words that will confirm something you waited for your whole life. 

This workshop welcomes men and women. 
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