How to Make Good Things Happen / Effortless Creativity

How to Make Good Things Happen / Effortless Creativity

Sunday, May 14, 2017 -
10:30 to 17:00
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Creativity and Mindfulness with Laurence Shorter: author of The Lazy Guru’s Guide to Life

The habit of creating space for breakthrough is a universal discipline of artists, scientists and inventors. Yet it is the one thing that our lives and working environments allow us less and less time for.

In this one-day event I will offer you that space. Together we will explore what change really is, understand what it means to be truly creative – to make something out of nothing – and to learn how we can bring that into our daily lives.

Offering inspiring stories, practical tools and real life examples, this workshop will guide you to look at your life and discover what you can do – and how – to keep things flowing effortlessly.

We will look at:

- What creativity really is

- How breakthroughs happen

- Staying in flow with multiple demands and pressures

- The self-organising principle and how to use it

- Simple habits of creative mindfulness


About the speaker, Laurence Shorter

Laurence Shorter is an author, speaker and creative entrepreneur. His books are journeys into the heart of human motivation applied to everyday work and life. His most recent project The Lazy Guru’s Guide to Life – the world’s first cartoon guide to mindfulness – is a new approach to change and creativity that asks the question: how do good things really happen?

Laurence’s journey to the heart of innovation has taken him from McKinsey analyst & MBA to best-selling author, dotcom entrepreneur and stand-up comedian. In his lively talks and sessions, Laurence uses examples from life, history and business to frame a picture of how we could be looking at our problems in a completely different way. As a speaker and facilitator, he creates powerful spaces for people to connect with something new, exciting and real – a breakthrough. Laurence has mastered the art of drawing the creative genius out of any team.

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