How to Have a Conscious Relationship

How to Have a Conscious Relationship

Monday, October 10, 2016 - 19:00
Personal Growth
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Jan Day is a renowned expert on relationships and intimacy.

Do you want more from your close relationships? Whether it be in friendship or partnership? Do you know what Conscious Relationship means?

In this talk, Jan Day will share some of her personal journey towards relating consciously and the pitfalls that she had to work through. She will invite you to vision what you really want, look at some of the 'dangers' to face along the way, and explore practical tools that will support you towards the relationships that you'd love to have. It may mean rocking those relationship patterns.

Come on, take that risk, it's worth it.

About the speaker, Jan Day.

Relationship expert and coach, Jan Day brings extraordinary warmth and compassion to her work in groups, with individuals and with couples. She creaties a learning environment where people can get a vital education in communicating effectively, creating authentic intimate long lasting relationships, understanding their sexual nature and how to find a warm hearted and healthy expression of their sensual nature.

Central themes of Jan’s work are self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. Having trained for 15 years with Art of Being founder, Alan Lowen in Europe and Hawaii, as well as being a CTA certified coach, Jan has spent the last 16 years helping men and women learn to trust their own unique journeys and embrace their own wounds as well as their potential.

Her life and work have been influenced by a wide spectrum of eastern and western teachers including Osho, Jack Kornfield, David Deida, Ron Kurtz, Ken Wilber & Core Integral, Genpo Roshi, Ammachi, Anne Geraghty and many more.

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