God in Human Form

God in Human Form

Sunday, July 9, 2017 - 11:00 to 18:00
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Join spiritual teacher and empowerment speaker, Bentinho Massaro, for a last-minute, spontaneous event in London.

Cutting-edge yet timeless, Bentinho's teachings capture the essence of all major spiritual paths, focusing on the tools that create effective and lasting change. 

If you want the deepest possible realizations, a life of true fulfillment, and your goal is to master all of this in the shortest time possible, you will welcome this fresh approach to Self-Realization and Self-Actualization.

During this event, Bentinho will teach and inspire you to enter into some of the highest and most advanced levels of his teachings, including:

*  Becoming God in human form

*  Emptying yourself of ego

*  Understanding the nature of Creation

*  Allowing manifestation to happen through you

*  Becoming a vessel of God's bliss, love, light and abundance

Bentinho rarely visits Europe; this will be his second public meeting held in the United Kingdom.

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