Feng Shui Secrets for Inspired Living

Feng Shui Secrets for Inspired Living

Saturday, February 20, 2016 - 10:30
Personal Growth
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Davina MacKail, BA Hons, RGN, DFSNI, is a feng shui & space clearing expert and shamanic coach.

This fun and inspiring workshop explores the tools of intuitive feng shui, enabling you to create an inspirational living environment that fully supports your health, wealth and happiness.

You will discover a completely new relationship with your home and discover how to create a sanctuary that nourishes you and your family.

Learn how to make small adjustments that can create miraculous effects in your life. We will explore the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution and how to create a safe space to sleep.  Join Davina as she distils twenty years of feng shui wisdom into powerful highlights that will fast track you to a healthier, happier, wealthier life.

It will help to bring a hand drawn floor plan of your home (doesn’t have to be to scale!) and a notebook



About the speaker, Davina Mackail

Davina MacKail, BA Hons, RGN, DFSNI, is a feng shui & space clearing expert and shamanic coach dedicated to helping others help themselves. A Master practitioner in Hypnotism, Time Line Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

She discovered Feng Shui when working in Hong Kong and China in the early 1990s and holds a Professional diploma in the practise and Spirit of Feng Shui. Besides running a busy practice for private and business clients she taught advanced feng shui for Channel 5’s House doctor, Anne Maurice and is a” healthy home” expert for a number of independent companies. 

As featured in Harpers Bazaar, Eve magazine, Good Housekeeping, Spirit & Destiny, Fate & Fortune, The Mirror and ITV’s This Morning.  She is author of The Dream Whisperer book and CD and Feng Shui Basics published by Hay House and former Dream columnist for the Daily Mail and Pick Me Up magazines.

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