Effortless Mindfulness

Effortless Mindfulness

Saturday, September 22, 2018 - 10:30 to 17:00
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A day of retreat to learn effortless mindfulness and open hearted awareness

Many of us know deliberate mindfulness, which includes one-pointed focus, loving kindness and non-judgmental observing. Effortless mindfulness is the next natural stage of mindfulness designed to relieve the deepest levels of suffering. It gives all the benefits of deliberate practices but shifts you directly into being aware from your non-conceptual heart-mind.

In this unique, experiential day of retreat, you will learn through small glimpses, or shifts of awareness, rather than long sittings. These glimpses can then be done, with your eyes open, in the midst of daily life. You will learn:
- How to access the 'off switch' for your chattering mind
- Awareness yoga, moving awareness through the body and mind so you can live from loving, embodied presence
- Advanced meditations made simple, combining ancient wisdom and contemporary neuroscience
- Ways to liberate difficult mental and emotional parts of you by accessing openhearted awareness.

This day is for beginners, for those who have struggled with concentration or long sitting practices and for long time meditators who are ready to go to the next stage of mindfulness to live an awakened life.

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