Dragon Healing

Dragon Healing

Saturday, November 25, 2017 - 10:30 to 16:00

Momoyo started communicating with dragons since 2008. Since the start of the communication, dragons always made it clear that they wish to work with Momoyo. In the beginning, Momoyo didn’t want to get involved and ignored dragons’ wishes because she wanted to lead a ‘normal’ life. But then, accidents started to happen to herself and her family, so in the end Momoyo gave in and started to work with dragons. That was in 2010.

What will happen at the event:

Momoyo downloads the dragons in her own body and performs the dragon healing while in trance for her clients. Dragons have high frequencies of love that can bring instantaneous healing to people. Dragon healing is very powerful. People can experience healing by just being in the seminar room. Tears may suddenly start to flow, or physical pain may disappear.

By just sharing the same space with dragons, they will bring healing to you and awaken you to your true self. Dragons will break the rules and common senses that have been limiting you, and lead you to your heart space.

After attending the seminar, you will be filled with joy and sparks of energy throughout yourself. You will realise just how much your thoughts have limited you in the past to keep you in a small world. You will find what has bothered you in the past is no longer a problem. You will find yourself freed from all the confinement. The sense of freedom will be like as if you have grown a pair of wings and flying in the sky!

This seminar is for you to experience the world full of wonder, beyond and away from what you expect in your normal daily life. Dragons in the higher dimensions will guide you to the mystical world. But this world can be visited only when we all determine to travel beyond the confinement of ‘normal’ 3rd dimensional common sense. Please do not try to understand or analyse what’s happening. Leave your adult common sense and restrictions at home for the day and come with your child-like curiosity and playfulness. 

Then the dragons will make sure that you will meet your true self.

About the speaker, Momoyo

Momoyo suffered from anorexia at the age of 14, then she suffered from bulimia between the age of 16 and 26. When she was 26 years old, she gave up of hope for the recovery. She even thought her life is not going to last very much longer because she felt she had abused her body so much.

But one day she had a mysterious experience, and the stubborn condition that wouldn’t shift whatever she tried had suddenly disappeared with the experience.

Love lies dormant in everyone’s heart.
Everybody’s love within has powers of healing.
Everybody can awake to the true love of one’s own.
“Isn’t it wonderful, that you can be the healer of your own?”


Through her private sessions and seminars, Momoyo has been in touch with and saved more than 3000 people who had mental/emotional problems. She is currently based in London and travels between Japan and the UK to teach her original technique (Spiritual Anatomy®) which combines psychology and spiritual healing. She is also a mother of one.

She is actively engaged in her work now but before she had suffered from eating disorder. She became anorexic at the age of 14 and since then she had visited many experts of human mind and psyche. But she couldn’t find anyone who could cure her condition. She decided that she would study psychology and she finished Osaka University with a Master in Psychology. But her condition still didn’t improve, so she has began to learn about spirituality. By the age of 26, she gained deep understanding of how human mind works, and she was also qualified in many counselling and therapy techniques. However, her eating disorder remained.

But one day, she has awakened to her true self. Her previous self-image peeled off from her, and she was able to experience what her true self is. Since then she stopped denying herself, and she stopped suppressing her true character.

This mysterious experience has given her unusual abilities – she has become able to alter how the brain functions. She is also able to peel off self-image of the client with her voice while she talks with the person. Many people start to cry during the session by just talking with her as it brings up sad memories of childhood. But the sad memories are replaced with light and happy images by the time the session is over, and the client is released from the negative self-image that s/he held up to that moment. In short, Momoyo is able to bring the person back to his or her original state of being.

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