The Door to Inner Peace Lies at the Heart of the Self

The Door to Inner Peace Lies at the Heart of the Self

Tuesday, October 17, 2023 - 18:00 to 19:30
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Is the separate self an illusion or is it a blueprint for our journey here on earth?

We wish to be free of the limitations and problems of our lives; the loneliness, pain, anger and fear, along with the complex problems of humanity - but this desire only fuels the inner confusion we are in. We are living at a time of endless conflict, both outwardly and inwardly. The wish to be free of this only creates more conflict, as we are resisting what is. If we can face ourselves totally, however, without judgement or the need to be different, we begin to understand the whole purpose, structure and formation of the human self and the root of conflict within.

The profound awareness of this opens us to a deeper intelligence, an infinite energy beyond time and space in which the whole human tapestry of our lives is held. This energy is love, Oneness, and from this viewpoint we are already free of all limitations.

Join teacher of Enlightenment, Caroline Bliss, for this evening meeting where she will guide you through the journey of the manifestation of infinite awareness through a separate self, and help us to understand our spiritual challenge, as we navigate this period of huge change and conflict.


About the speaker, Caroline Bliss

Caroline is an emotional intuitive and teacher of Enlightenment.

Her work is influenced by the great J. Krishnamurti, however she also brings her own ability to help people navigate their complex, intense emotions - allowing clarity and compassion in their experience of inner freedom.

The work springs from her own life experiences; Caroline walked away from a successful acting career to pursue her inner truth, while also bringing up a family.

She has been guiding people to inner peace for 15 years through her individual sessions and retreats and is the author of ‘The Compassionate Heart’

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