Crede et Vicisti - The Seer Experience

Crede et Vicisti - The Seer Experience

Sunday, November 27, 2016 - 10:30 to 17:00
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Lars Muhl is a Danish seer and author, mystic and musician.

The workshop is build around the teachings of the seer Calle de Montsegur as presented in the book THE SEER, paired with Lars Muhl’s insights into Yeshua's Aramaic wisdom.

It is about authentic attention and presence and how to use the sacred power of the heart and mind in service of healing.

It is about precision in everything we do, about ethics and how to penetrate the dull drum of everyday life , to lift it up and bless your life in the sacred light of Spirit. 

About the speaker, Lars Muhl

His trilogy The O Manuscript (The Seer, The Magdalene and The Grail) has become an esoteric cult classic and is now being released throughout the world, and The Law of Light.

Lars is a now working as a visionary and mystic, lecturer and writer. In 2003 he founded Hearts & Hands, a non-profit and apolitical aid organization based on the voluntary work of various therapists.

Together with his wife, Githa Ben-David, he founded Gilalai – Institute for Energy & Consciousness.

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