Collective and Intergenerational Trauma Integration

Collective and Intergenerational Trauma Integration

Sunday, November 11, 2018 - 10:30 to 17:00
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- Principles and Practices -

During this day Nicholas will present the work of the Pocket Project – both theory and practice.

 The workshop will help us understand the nature of collective and intergenerational trauma in a new way, from mystical, psychological and neuroscientific perspectives, and also introduce the core practices that we are developing for working energetically and directly with this material.

  • The ‘frozen’ layers of energy that exist within the energetic fields of our cultures and the hidden effects of these on our individual and collective nervous systems
  • The nature of intergenerational trauma and how we can be the ones to bring healing and resolution to our lineages
  • The practices of Presence that can give us access to the intergenerational and collective layers
  • How we can responsibly meet the pain and suffering of the world as a group field, and in so doing, start to be vessels of healing and restoration potential.

The work will be supported throughout the day by a team of practitioners from the UK Pocket group

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