Childless Not By Choice - 3 hour afternoon session

Childless Not By Choice - 3 hour afternoon session

Sunday, January 22, 2023 - 14:00 to 17:00
Personal Growth
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Afternoon workshop for Childless (not by choice) women

Involuntary childlessness whether by circumstance or infertility, remains a taboo, and is still a little discussed topic.

Being CNBC (aka Childless Not By Choice) impacts millions of people around the world of all ages and genders, and makes up a significant layer of diversity which is often “invisible”, invalidated or overlooked. In addition, those who are CNBC may not speak up for fear of being stigmatised or judged, and the resulting misunderstandings that can arise, may also impact personal relationships, including with family, friends and colleagues.

Involuntary childlessness is a complex topic and is more than “not having kids”, impacting "women of a certain age". It can impact people across a lifetime and include various layers including: disenfranchised and prolonged grief, social exclusion, infertility and impacts on sense of identity.

Following on from July’s “Childless Not By Choice” online event, Juli Angelis will be hosting an afternoon workshop for Childless women, which will cover the following:



Trigger Tapping

Navigating your way through the involuntary childless experience can feel overwhelming at times, especially as we may be faced with triggers at any given moment. In this part of the workshop, Juli will teach participants how to use two types of “tapping” techniques which can be tailored to the individual. Juli will also lead a guided tapping session for each technique, enabling participants to practice the techniques and leaving them fully equipped to use for self-grounding as and when needed. The two techniques will include: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and tapping tools which are used in EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing therapy).


Guided healing meditation

Juli will facilitate a guided healing meditation tailored towards childlessness, and teach participants breathing techniques for emotional well-being.


Group Coaching

The workshop will end with a group coaching session, whereby participants will identify a goal however small/short term it may be, and set an intention for 2023.



This event will provide an insight to the “secret” world of childlessness for the childless  (who, due to the secret nature of childlessness often do not even realise there are CNBC communities around the world) and will offer an opportunity to meet others experiencing the same issues. 


Following the workshop, there will be an opportunity to continue the conversation over coffee at a nearby coffee venue (optional – coffee not included).



About the speaker, Juli Angelis

Juli Angelis is a Trauma Therapy Practitioner and Holistic Life Coach who works with those experiencing complex trauma, including from involuntary childlessness and as a result of domestic abuse. For more info on Juli’s offerings visit:

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