Blue Marsden - Soul Plan Archetypes and Integrating our Life Purpose

Blue Marsden - Soul Plan Archetypes and Integrating our Life Purpose

Sunday, November 22, 2015 - 10:30

This is an opportunity to discover and integrate some of your own unique hidden or latent 'Soul Archetypes.' These sub-personalities make up part of our experience of individuality, yet in a state of separation often act in conflict creating blockages at the unconscious level. Bringing them into conscious awareness is a fast and powerful way for us to become more whole, unified and aware. 

Blue will show you how you can use the Soul Plan system (best known for analysing the vibrations within your name) to identify which archetypes are significant for you at this time. He will then guide participants through a process of integration.


During this workshop participants are often surprised to discover shadow aspects of themselves which have been operating unconsciously. Participants also greatly benefit from connecting with latent empowering parts of their nature. When recognised these aspects can come to the fore and play a greater role in helping your life to move forward.   


During his workshops Blue typically includes Soul Plan Chi Kung. This is a very simple and easy to remember energetic practise for aligning our intent, purpose and essential light which when balanced helps us to move forward with our purpose naturally.

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