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About the speaker

Martha Fiennes is an award-winning filmmaker, director, writer and now artist. Her first feature, Onegin, earned widespread critical acclaim, awards and a BAFTA nomination.

Her second feature, Chromophobia, written by Martha, was the closing night film of the 58th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Since 2011 Martha has been using a pioneering form of generative computer technologies to create large-scale 'filmworks' which extend the possibilities of film as a medium and art as an experience; the technological innovations used in creating her projects are ground-breaking.

The first in the series of works that Martha will be developing over the coming years has already been created. 'Nativity' is a spellbinding film with continuously generative elements: audiences will never view exactly the same image twice. It has been showcased at the V&A, the National Gallery in London, at Sotheby’s – in two shows - and been exhibited in Paris at the Arts Arena. Martha's work sits in an evolving space between film, art, technology and conscious wellbeing.