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Blue Marsden M.A.
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About the speaker

Blue Marsden MA, is the Hay House author of Soul Plan a widely translated, spirituality bestseller (UK, US and Japan). He is an international teacher of contemporary counselling and spirituality and founder of the world-renowned Holistic Healing College London and Tokyo, which pioneers modern counselling training that integrates the latest healing modalities. 

Although Blue holds degrees in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, he has always been involved in the world of healing and energy medicine. He developed an interest in energetic practises as a teenager and has studied with Shaman from different traditions, receiving initiations from Tibetan Buddhist Lamas, as well as instruction on zen meditation in Japan. A long-time chi kung teacher, he has also developed his own healing movement system - Golden Spine 9.

In addition to managing a busy psychotherapy practice, Blue has also created innovative interventions using NLP, hypnotherapy, chi kung and sound healing, to enhance creativity for writers and performers and an anger management programme used by many schools. He is a great advocate of the benefits of silence and digital detox and usually conducts an annual silent retreat, incorporating yoga chi kung and meditation