Hungry for More

Hungry for More

Monday, July 23, 2018 - 19:00 to 20:30
Personal Growth

In her first talk with Alternatives, Mel will help you discover how navigating your relationship with food can help you heal your life. She will help you dive deeper into your food and body psychology, to help you understand how your unwanted eating patterns and cravings might not be due to a lack of will power but a lack of fulfilment. What’s more, if you pay attention to them, they might actually point you in the direction of your soul’s true calling.

Your relationship with food is a mirror of your relationship with yourself, and with your life, which means your deepest cravings point to something much greater than caramel lattes. When you set yourself free from the limiting beliefs you have around food and your body, you begin to discover just how powerful you really are.

About the speaker, Mel Wells

Mel Wells is the bestselling author of The Goddess Revolution and Hungry for More, a TEDX speaker, and a health and eating psychology coach.

After healing her own battles with eating disorders, she used this as a catalyst to completely change the course of her life. She has now helped thousands of women to do the same, and to create truly fulfilling enriched lives, and inspiring them to fall in love with themselves more than they thought possible.

She works with women 1:1, and via her programs and retreats around the world.

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