The Gathering for Women Intensive - The Initiation

The Gathering for Women Intensive - The Initiation

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 12:00 to Friday, May 12, 2017 - 17:00
Alternatives says: 
4 day retreat in Andalusia, Southern Spain, 9-12 May

“I feel there is something unexplored about woman that only a woman can explore.”

- Georgia O’Keeffe

As the call for our women’s gatherings have grown, so has our inner calling to deep dive into our authentic womanhood as a group.

As we gather together for Alternatives first ever female-only retreat, we have chosen to harness the idea of initiation as a sacred path to deep power, self-love and femininity.

In the stunningly beautiful retreat centre, Suryalila in Southern Spain, we will explore these ideas together through open dialogue, meditation, group work, energy clearings, and movement. 

Suryalila is a beautiful old renovated olive farm with two inner courtyards, one of which blooms with orange and lemon trees. Enjoy the all-inclusive facilities including gourmet organic vegetarian cuisine, saltwater swimming pool, sauna and yoga areas. Suryalila is nestled serenely in a large open valley in the foothills of Sierra de Grazelema. 

This majestic mountain range can be seen looming on the horizon behind Suryalila. A striking part of the natural beauty of the property is the breathtaking vista extending in all directions: rolling hills, fields of sunflowers, and lakes. The sense of vastness and expansiveness is very uplifting.

We will be joined by Shaman healer Liz Brown. Liz will be giving an introduction to the Medicine Wheel, and an overview of the principles that we work with, the principles of creation. She will be showing us how we open sacred space, calling in the balance, harmony and power of the elements of creation that shape us and our world; and also how we open our own personal sacred space. The Q'ero, the lineage of medicine men and women from Peru that Liz belongs to, work with stones, or khuyas, 'medicine stones', and Liz will be teaching a technique where we use stones to help us to cleanse our energy field. The focus of our time together is rejeuvenation; remembering our connection to the natural world, to ourselves, to each other, and to the Great Feminine. 

In our group work sessions we will be exploring the authentic feminine in our Initiating the Goddess process, and exploring the natural surroundings to help us to integrate change. The aim is not to provide therapy sessions, but to create a space where we can gather as women and create together a rejeuvenating and harmonious space to be in circle together, and to remember these fundamental connections to ourselves, each other and the natural world around us.

We will also be holding a fire ceremony, led by Liz, on the Wednesday to mark the Full Moon in Scorpio – an auspicious time for forgiveness and release.

There will be plenty of time and space for nourishment: with the nutritious vegan and vegetarian food provided by Suryalila's own chef; nourishment for our senses in the landscape; nourishment for our physical selves in the swimming pool, sauna and yoga areas; and time for ourselves, both alone, if we wish, and together.

There is a wonderful choice of rooms (some pictures below) - please do give us a call when you are booking so that we can check availability of your choice at the time of booking and advise on flights.

We set off from Stansted (if you’re flying from London) to Seville on Tuesday 9th May and we would fly back on Friday 12 May. The recommended flight is with Ryanair and is currently £99 return.

Suryalila Retreat Centre, originally an Olive Hacienda, is located in the heart of the Spanish Andalucian Hills, close to the charming villages of Arcos de la Frontera and Prado del Rey. It is approximately 45 minutes from the historic and beautiful walled city of Cadiz and an hour’s drive from Sevilla, the vibrant heart of Andalucía. On the edge of a stunning, mountainous national park, the property sits in a large river valley overlooking agricultural land and in the far distance, the white lakeside village of Bornos.

Deposit only £195 (Non-refundable). Prices £425-£695 per person. Single supplement £220 for all options. Option to pay in instalments - please email for details. Accommodation, food & transfers included, flights and insurance purchased separately.  Further enquiries please email or call 0207 287 6711.

Kali Deluxe Double (above)

The Kali Deluxe Double is a double room with its own private bathroom opposite. The room is located on the ground floor of Casa Kali, one of our spacious deluxe houses with an en suite living room and kitchen. Casa Kali is one of the lovely houses on the Plaza de las Naranjas, our charming main courtyard. The house is fully furnished with beautiful furniture and fittings from Bali and Morocco.

Casa Kali also has two bedrooms upstairs, a twin and a superior double which share a bathroom. There is also a comfortable sitting room, dining area and outside patio, which serve all three rooms.

Amenities include a kitchen fitted with modern appliances – gas cooking stove and oven, sinks, fridge, microwave oven, clothes washing machine, gas central heating and air-conditioning.


Tara Deluxe Double (above)

This deluxe double room, with private bath, has a window which looks onto the charming Plaza de las Naranjas. It is on the ground floor with its own private bathroom and is available for an individual or a couple. It includes the use of  Casa Kali’s living room, dining area, kitchen and outside patio.


Padma Deluxe Double (above)

The Deluxe Double Room is on the ground floor of Casa Padma and has a private bathroom. Its window overlooks onto the charming Plaza de las Naranjas. It is available for an individual or a couple. It includes the use of Casa Padma’s living room, dining area, kitchen and outside patio.


Ananda Superior Double (above)

Casa Ananda is the beautiful tower house at Suryalila. There are three bedrooms in Casa Ananda. The superior double room shares a large bathroom, with a bathtub, with two twin double rooms on the same floor. There is an additional half bathroom downstairs shared by these rooms. There is also a lovely private sitting room, with an open fireplace, reserved for these rooms, located on the ground floor of Casa Ananda.


Ananda Twin (above)

This twin room with two single beds is located upstairs in Casa Ananda, the beautiful tower house at Suryalila. There are three bedrooms in Casa Ananda: two twin rooms and a superior double room, which all share a large bathroom with a bathtub. There is an additional half bathroom downstairs shared by these rooms. There is also a really cozy private sitting room with an open fireplace, which serves these rooms, located on the ground floor.


Govinder Superior Double (above)

The Govinda Superior Double Room is a small but lovely little room located on the ground floor of Casa Govinda, at Suryalila. It has its own bathroom and overlooks the lovely Plaza de las Naranjas. It has access to Casa Govinda’s large, comfortable sitting room and kitchen.


Govinder Twin (above)

Govinda Twin Room is located upstairs in Casa Govinda at Suryalila. Across the hallway there is a comfortable four person dormitory. These two rooms share a large bathroom, located between them. Downstairs you’ll find a small double bedroom with its own bathroom, a communal living area and a kitchen.


Ganesha Superior Double (above)

The Ganesha Superior Double room is located in Casa Ganesha, the main house at Suryalila Yoga Retreat Centre.

There are three bedrooms on the ground floor: this Superior Double Room, one twin, and a four person dorm. This room shares a bathroom with the Ganesha twin room and there is a separate bathroom for the dorm. All these rooms are connected to the main dining area and lounge areas.


Yurt Twin (above)

Staying in our lovely, spacious yurt is a unique holiday experience, available all year round. It is a delightful twin room, fully furnished, with all of the comforts of our other rooms and a back-to-nature ambience. The yurt is located in our “glamping” area overlooking the ancient olive grove and has access to three hot showers, one toilet and 4 eco toilets right beside it. It has a wood burning fire stove for the colder months.

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